Codes in paper

19 hexadecimal color codes that can be used for document drawing from a nature medicine article

Use AI software to obtain the hexadecimal color of the color directly from the pdf file of the literature. as follows

"3B99D4", "8ED14B", "F06B49","ECC2F1", "82C7C3", "19413E","1776EB", "F5B2AC", "533085","89363A","19413E", "D92B45", "60C9FF", "1B9F2E", "BA217D", "635019", "E3698A", "076B82", "A86A16"

The color starts from the selected blue as the first color, corresponding clockwise in turn

The following is the piano picture drawn in the same color in the article


Mutational landscape of metastatic cancer revealed from prospective clinical sequencing of 10,000 patients

Original code

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